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About our Patient Group (PG)

What is a PG?

A PG is a patient led group that works in continuous partnership with the general practice.

Its members consist of current patients as well as GP practice staff, who meet to discuss practice issues and patient experiences in order to help improve service delivery.

Members of a PG play a significant role in reaching out to the wider patient population by actively ‘championing’ health and wellbeing in their local communities. PGs seek to connect with those who may have difficulty or encounter barriers when accessing healthcare services and those whose voices are less heard.

Should you decide to join Kingsbury Court PG, you will act as a ‘voice for patients’ by contributing your important ideas, feedback and suggestions!

Our PG continuously aims to strengthen the relationship between the practice and our patients, that’s you!

Practice staff on the PG:

Three members of the practice are involved in the coordination of the PG, and you will also see them in attendance at the meetings, they are:

Managing Partner Dr Abdullah Khan.

Practice Manager Jaya Patel.

Lead Receptionist Cathy Martin.

Meeting details

PG meetings are held every 3 months, totalling to 4 meetings a year.

These meetings are held at Eastgate Surgery, in the waiting room, as this provides ample space. These meetings will be held on a weekday evening, starting at 18:30. Free parking is available in Priory Garden’s car park. With the date of the next meeting set at the end of the present meeting.

Who can join?

All patients over the age of 16 that are registered with Kingsbury Court are eligible to join the PG.

We aim to recruit patients from as broad a spectrum as possible in order to get a representative sample of the population. We need young people, working age people, retirees, people with long-term conditions, people of all genders and sexual orientations, as well as people from a variety of ethnic groups! We need you!

Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 15th February, 2024