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Policies, Procedures and Statements

Chaperone Policy

What is a ‘chaperone’? A chaperone is an impartial observer who is present during a physical examination of a patient. A chaperone is there to: Reassure the patient if they ... [continue] Chaperone Policy

Confidentiality Statement and Policy

What is confidentiality? Confidentiality refers to the right individuals have to keep their medical records, sensitive details and identifiable information disclosed to healthcare practitioners private. Confidentiality means that all members ... [continue] Confidentiality Statement and Policy

Disability Access Statement

Kingsbury Court Surgery prides ourselves on our diversity and inclusivity, and we are very committed to ensuring that our premises remains accessible for all. There are designated disabled car- parking ... [continue] Disability Access Statement

GDPR Policy

Kingsbury Court Surgery conforms with the legal obligations set out in the Data Protection Act (2018) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Practice collects and utilises data ... [continue] GDPR Policy

Infection Control Statement

Kingsbury Court Surgery aims to keep our building clean, tidy and offer a safe environment to both patients and staff. We pride ourselves on our building and endeavour to keep ... [continue] Infection Control Statement

Privacy Notice

Data Protection Privacy Notice KC

Smoking Ban Policy

Smoking in all enclosed/ indoor public places and workplaces in the United Kingdom (UK) is illegal. Therefore, Kingsbury Court Surgery has a ‘No Smoking’ policy in place in all areas ... [continue] Smoking Ban Policy

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Patient’s rights Kingsbury Court Surgery are dedicated to providing our patients with outstanding healthcare services.  We have a large, diverse and experienced team who work together in order to meet ... [continue] Your Rights and Responsibilities

Zero Tolerance Policy

The NHS operate a Zero Tolerance Policy with regard to violence and abuse. Kingsbury Court Surgery therefore has the right to remove any violent individuals from the patient list with ... [continue] Zero Tolerance Policy

Date published: 28th August, 2022
Date last updated: 28th August, 2022