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Other services

Vision testing

The doctors recommend that you see an Optician to assess the current state of your eyesight as they are better equipped to decide whether spectacles or other referral is necessary.

Read the Minor Eye Problems leaflet for more information and details of local opticians

Hearing tests

Deafness can only be slight to make a difference; we can determine its extent after the doctor has checked that wax is not the cause.


An ‘ECG’ can be important in establishing a diagnosis. Also it may be included in a routine Heart Risk check if indicated on medical grounds. We have our own ECG machine and if your doctor feels it advisable they will arrange for you to have one.


National Breast Screening (age 50) and National Bowel Screening (age 60) will be sent automatically. These are undertaken externally but the results are sent to us.

RTA Medical

Should you need a medical examination shortly after a Road Traffic Accident then this will be carried out for a fee of £21.50 (payable at the time of the examination by Cash or Cheque only), which the doctor is legally entitled to. This sum can be reclaimed from the insurance company of the driver.

Sexual health

Sexual Health services across Bedfordshire offer two main venues, Kings Brook Clinic in Bedford and Priory Clinic in Dunstable ensuring easy access to sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and contraception services. As well as the main hubs there are satellite clinics in other areas, such as Biggleswade held at the Ivel Medical Centre. If you would like to make an appointment, please call the integrated contraception and sexual health services (iCaSH) Tel: 03003003030.

Alternatively, if would like a free STI test kit, and do not have any symptoms, you can order an Express Test to be sent to your own home. The Express Test is free and easy to use and can be ordered online at

You can have an STI and not have any symptoms. It is recommended that everyone gets tested once a year and in between any partner change. The majority of STIs can be easily treated and the best way to protect yourself is to practice safer sex and use condoms.

Date published: 11th July, 2023
Date last updated: 15th February, 2024