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HIV/ AIDS Awareness Month!

December marks World HIV/ AIDS awareness month.

It has been 40 years since the first case of HIV/ AIDS was diagnosed in the UK.

More than 35 million people have since died due to HIV or AIDS related illness, making it one of the most devastating pandemics in our history.

Statistics show that an estimated 38 million people worldwide are living with HIV, with 105,000 living in the UK.

Whilst medicine has advanced since the 1980’s, there is still no cure for HIV.

This month, people around the world come together to show their support for those living with HIV, and to remember the people who have died from AIDS- related illnesses.

If you would like more information about World AIDS day/ month, please visit World Aids Day.

To find out more about HIV/ AIDS, its symptoms and how to prevent contracting the virus,  please visit UNAIDS for  more information.

Want to order a free HIV test? Visit the Free HIV test online finder provided by Terrance Higgins Trust to order one today.