Kingsbury Court Surgery
Church Street
Dunstable, Bedfordshire

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Our mission & vision statement

Mission, Visions and Our Core Values

Mission Statement:

To create a warm, safe, and caring environment, where our trusted and fully qualified professionals can provide high quality health care services to our community.

Our Vision:

  • We aim to provide our patients with the highest quality of patient care in a safe and welcoming environment; putting their welfare at the centre of all that we do.
  • We endeavour to continue to invest in our staff – diversifying and developing skillsets and knowledge base, to ensure that the practice offers a highly skilled and resilient workforce to meet the needs of our patients and community.
  • We aim to promote best medical practice, shared expertise, and encourage the use of new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our administration processes, patient contact and clinical activity.
  • We aim to contribute to the enhancement of medical knowledge and develop a further understanding and treatment of disease by collaborating with medical researchers and proactive engagement in research projects.
  • We aim to be innovative, adaptable, and responsive to the requirements of our local population and encourage a hub that promotes a healthier and safer community.
  • We endeavour to listen to our patients by seeking their views and ideas through various methods to encourage further improvement in our services – we can achieve more together!

Our Core Values:

We are caring:

We put our patients at the centre of all that we do. We actively listen, notice, and respond. We respect and value our patients and staff. We are inclusive to all and do not discriminate. We thrive to create an environment that is open and transparent with consistent communication.

We are inclusive:

Diversity enhances innovation, improves performance, and enables general practice to be adaptable and resilient. By championing diversity, we enable our team to reflect and serve the need of our diverse patient population. We are committed to creating an inclusive society, where everyone can succeed, receive the healthcare services appropriate to them and live well.

We are empowering:

Our clinicians share information and knowledge with our patients to enable them to confidently participate in their own care and make informed decisions regarding their health. We believe that by educating our patients and explaining their healthcare effectively, will empower our patients to improve their self-care and prevent further illness. We use various mediums of communication to ensure that our patients always have access to useful and relevant healthcare information.

We are Professional:

We strive to achieve a high level of professional medical care for our patients and our community. Our staff (Clinical and Non-Clinical) undergo regular training to ensure we are compliant to NHS guidelines, and we strive to maintain this. Our workforce is who we rely on to reach success, and therefore we will continue to invest in our staff to ensure that our patients get the best care possible.

Date published: 20th May, 2021
Date last updated: 30th May, 2024