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Weight Management

Help With Your Weight

The World Health Organisation has declared that the current increase in population obesity to be an epidemic! Around two-thirds of the population of England are overweight or obese. Obesity has grown by almost 400% in the last 25 years and on present trends will soon surpass smoking as the greatest cause of premature death. (WHO 2002).

Being obese puts your health at risk. At worst it can lead to life threatening conditions such as heart disease, and some cancers such as breast, colon and stomach. There are other risks such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Being obese can also cause problems such as back pain, fertility problems, gallstones, arthritis of the knees and hips (NHS 2006).

Eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly to achieve a health weight will reduce all the above risks. If you think you are probably overweight make an appointment with the nurse to assess your weight and discuss appropriate changes to diet and lifestyle.

If you would like to know more about weight and diet advice, we offer a weight management clinic giving you advice on how to lose weight and stay healthy.

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